The Sacred Blueprint

A Treasure Map of Personal, Collective, and Universal Consciousness

A non-religious spiritual practice that celebrates you, exactly as you are.

Like the trees that grow from seeds, which bud and flower and pollinate, like the animals that find unashamed pleasure and sensuality in their bodies, like the galaxies that birth and expand and spiral, you are the microcosm of the macrocosm – a reflection of the cosmos, a universe ruled and governed by your own divinity. You are sex, you are creation itself – unfolding, revealing, manifesting.

There’s nothing to change – you are already perfect – you will simply realign with the quintessential truth that is you.

The Sacred Blueprint is for you if you:

want to expand and understand all levels of your consciousness.

want to explore profound and empowering spiritual practice.

want to make sense of your life and your existence on this planet and in this universe.

want to understand and fully express the truth of who you are, without fear or shame.

have a feeling that there is ‘something more’ than this mundane life and wish to access deeper realms of consciousness.

wish for more awareness of the subtle levels of consciousness – telepathy, psychic vision, healing, intuition, empathy, 6th sense, the dreamworld.

feel an urgency, a necessity, for self-realisation, but you’re struggling with where to start, where to go next, or simply what to do.

The Sacred Blueprint offers a practice that eliminates the need for any deity, belief system, superstition, dogma, or guru, and it takes you to the source that lies at the root of all religion and spirituality – presence, connection, inner knowledge, and personal empowerment.


Each point on your journey will guide you to personal inspiration and profound revelation.

It is a reverent practice dedicated to revealing your original perfect state as a reflection of the Qualities of nature and the universe.

It includes Envisionings, Embodiments, and Enchantments that guide you on journeys through your inner landscapes, the collective consciousness and the outer cosmos.

The Sacred Blueprint is a non-religious practice that draws on the wisdom of ancient mysticism.

It celebrates YOU exactly as you are.

There’s nothing to change – there are no rules or dogma.

There’s nothing to believe in – no gods, no priests, or shamans.

The inner wisdom you discover will be your sacred text.

Your own experience will be your guru.