Vibrational Trance Dance

Insight and Experience through Intuitive Movement.

Your body is a physical manifestation of universal forces as described in The Sacred Blueprint. In this process, you will embody each of the 11 Qualities using an specific Posture. Each of these Postures acts as an entry point into an area of your psyche and the corresponding energy of the universe.

Using your body as your guide and teacher you will enter each one of the Qualities and discover your wisdom as it spontaneously emerges from the Embodiment Posture.

You will hold and feel this Posture with a sense of curiosity and presence until you feel the urge to move – there may be a twitch in your hand, a contraction in the stomach, your shoulders may begin to raise. Your job is to witness and allow. No questioning or self-judgement, simply follow the impulses of your body.

The following video shows all the Trance Postures in one flowing dance from SOURCE to FORM.


The Sacred Blueprint App contains 11 Embodiment meditations, a multi-dimensional soundscape lasting 50 minutes which will transport your consciousness to the correct place.