Altered States of Consciousness

Woman Practicing Yoga by the Sea

Using the EEG (Electroencephalography) machine, invented by the neurologist Hans Berger, different brain states have been measured by recording the fluctuating speeds of the pulses of electrical activity on the scalp. He identified what he called ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ waves (‘theta’ and ‘delta’ waves have also since been identified). What neuroscientists have collectively noticed with the EEG is that the normally functioning brain has frequencies which range between 2 and 40 pulses per second. When the brain is more active, the waves become faster. As the activity of the brain quietens the frequency of brainwaves slow down. They have found that:

  • We emit beta brainwaves (13 – 40 cycles per second) when we are consciously alert, or when the mind is engaged in mental activity. For example, when using language and the intellect, or when we feel agitated, tense and afraid.
  • The alpha brainwaves (8 -13 cycles per second) are reflective of a state of physical and mental relaxation achieved during meditation and resting consciousness. Interestingly, it has been found that this is the ideal condition to learn new information, perform elaborate tasks, learn languages, and analyse complex situations.
  • By quieting the mind it seems that people experience enhanced mental clarity.
  • We slow down to theta brainwaves (4 -7 cycles per second) when the conscious mind or ego literally cuts out. This can occur during periods of long driving, repetitive actions, or very deep meditation. Interestingly, the same brain state is associated with extreme trauma or anger (including tantrums in children) – where the mind stops and the body takes over. This state can also be induced during experiences such as: one’s own birth, sexual ecstasy, childbirth, near-death, and psychosis.
  • Delta brainwaves are the slowest (1/2 to 4 cycles per second). This is the sleep state.

Mystics have always understood that the brain functions differently according to what it is experiencing. These brainwave measurements have been useful in making scientific sense of this. Different ritual and meditation techniques have been used to enter these states by choice.

  • The normal everyday state (beta) is induced simply by engaging with communication, thought, and the external world.
  • A state of calm stillness where the brain is quieter and there are more gaps between thoughts (alpha) is induced using gentle meditation and visualisation, and by simply closing the eyes and focusing on the breath.
  • A timeless, blissful, ecstatic state (theta), where there may be visions, colours, experiences of leaping into another time/space, a disassociation from your physical body, and experiences of your consciousness traveling separately from your body, can be induced by powerful ritual, long and deep breathing, very focused meditation, repeated and rhythmical pain, and consciously-heightened sexual energy.

All of these states can also be induced by listening to sound pulses with the corresponding number of beats per second. Many ritual practices from all over the world include the use of a drum played repetitively to both induce a trance state and also to bring the practitioners back to everyday consciousness.

The music in the background of the 11 Vibration audios are crafted with the above in mind. Each piece has its own rhythmic pulse and aligns you perfectly with each of the 11 Vibrations of the Sacred Blueprint.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to sharing your journey.

Lilith X