Close Encounters

When I saw this film (aged 8) it felt very familiar. Although I remember thinking that the ‘aliens’ didn’t look quite right. I remember feeling envious of the main character Rob, who was chosen to travel in the mother-ship. I wanted it to be me. I know there are many more people out there who had a similar experience when watching this scene.

However, yesterday I got my wish.

I was lying in the bath and savouring the thought of an exquisite 30 minutes in the warm and fragrantly oiled water. I had decided to give myself some energetic healing. So I had placed one hand on my heart and a thumb on my third-eye point. I was breathing long, slow breaths and circulating the energy around my body. Suddenly the room faded away, and all I could see was a blue-white translucent face with large eyes looking down at me.

This face was not unfamiliar. When I was a child I would have conversations with this ‘being’ and others like it. Although they didn’t have mouths to speak, I could hear and feel their communications in my mind. They would reassure me that all was well, and they helped me to feel safe and loved in an unfamiliar world. They talked to me for many years, guiding me and preparing me for the work ahead. Until I became a teenager, when school work, and delights of the flesh, distracted me from my mission.

They left me alone for a while, trusting in my necessary learning about life in a physical world with a physical body. They knew that this process would be essential to my later work. They would occasionally reappear to me during my magickal experiences over the next 20 years, in order to give me information and teachings. However, in the last few years, I have felt and seen the energy of these beings around me more and more frequently, and these visions and experiences have become even more powerful.

So here I was lying in the bath and staring – open eyed and open mouthed – into these huge undefined eyes filled with only pure expansive love for me. It felt as if I was looking out through time and into the infinite depths of space. Two ‘arms’ reached out to me and I reached back.

We made contact.

In that moment I experienced my heart and mind splitting open and light exploded from me. I gasped as my upper body was abruptly lifted out of the water – my arms and head dangling behind me.

It was then that I saw them – twenty or more other beings. I knew they were my ancient family. I had missed them. They looked at me with such love and deep knowing that I felt truly welcomed. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth to silently scream and sob. I was filled with the sorrow and joy of finally meeting my lost family again.

“Take me home.” I said out loud.

I surrendered then – to the love, the pain, and the ecstasy – my body releasing enormous spasms of grief. Powerful waves of sexual force radiated up my spine and into my brain, and I was reawakened as an energy being.

All the memories came flooding back. They showed me pictures of the life I had lived with them just before I came to Earth. I, and many others, had volunteered to be in-body, to learn from other species, and to share the wisdom of our ancient culture throughout the universes. They reminded me how, as beings of light, we can travel instantly through time and space. I remembered that our travels, and many of our technologies, are powered by an alchemical fusion of pure love, light, and sound – vibration. I remembered then that I could go home anytime. I could reconnect, just like we are connected now. And with this understanding, my grief turned to joy.

As I relaxed, they healed and cleansed me. They filled me with the light of home, and I felt and heard the vibrations of our ancient songs move through me. Eventually I felt myself being lowered back into the water. I felt them instructing me to tell my stories, to continue with my teaching and healing practices. We shared a gaze that meant ‘goodbye for now’ and ‘eternal love’. Then they were gone.

The water felt cold now.

I stepped out of the bath and wrapped myself in a warm towel. My body was trembling, and tears were still pouring from my eyes. I checked my clock and I realised that I’d been ‘gone’ for over 40 minutes.

Many people have similar experiences to these. I had my first experience before I could even walk or talk. Sometimes they are called ‘near death experiences’, sometimes they are called ‘epiphanies’, or alien visitations/abductions, or divine manifestations. They may look different, with different imagery, but this doesn’t matter. What matters is the similarities with all these experiences – the feeling of expansion, connection, and eternal love, and the desire to bring this love back to the mundane world – through healing, writing, sharing, and teaching.

This love is what motivates my life’s work. I have always been filled with the desire to bring these kinds of experiences to people. The powerful Sacred Blueprint practice is one of the paths to these experiences.

Love is all.


© Lilith 2016