Insight and Experience through Incantation

Incantation is an extremely powerful practice used in the rituals of many ancient cultures. Depending on the intention, it can bring changes to both the inner and the external world. The Enchantment process will bring you into alignment with the Qualities of The Sacred Blueprint and awaken these different areas of your psyche in a way that you may find quite profound.

In the first stage of this process you will repeat the specific incantations related to the Quality you are evoking. Although you may still find that you have images come to you, in this practice the focus is on feeling and becoming. By repeating the words out loud you will find that parts of you will be re-awaked. You will become your own angel of these Qualities and may well experience the Qualities coming alive in your body. This will inscribe new patterns of self-love, and self-belief into your mind-body as you absorb the emotions of the words.

The next stage, after you have repeated each chant three times, is a process that involves intuitive spontaneous vocalisations.

The Sacred Blueprint App contains 11 Enchantment meditations, a chant for you to follow and a multi-dimensional soundscape lasting 50 minutes which will transport your consciousness to the correct place.