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  • Samhain (Halloween) open ritual – 3rd November

  • Transformational Journeys – Movement Psychotherapy 11-week group – starting 9th November

Samhain (Halloween) Ritual of Grief and Re-connection

Ghostly woman in the trees

3rd November – 3-5pm

Friends Meeting House, Brighton.

Tickets are available here

Many people think of Halloween as a parade of pointy hats and monster masks, but it has its roots in an ancient Celtic/pagan traditional celebration known as Samhain.

This is traditionally the time of year when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead becomes thin, and it is therefore a perfect moment to remember and reconnect with our ancestors.

Grief is an expression of love for those we’ve lost. “There is an intimate bond between grief and gratitude, sorrow and intimacy, and the greatest gifts are often hidden in the things we avoid”

This ritual is a holding space for us to find these gifts. It offers the opportunity for communion with lost loved ones and to celebrate the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. It’s a place for people to come together in the spirit of celebration, sharing, and community.

By aligning with each phase of the natural progression of the seasons, we can consciously participate in, and benefit from, the gifts of each phase. We can experience how our lives reflect the many dimensions of a living system.

If you haven’t done a ritual like this before, you are very welcome to join in and everything will be explained as we go along.

Friends Meeting House is a fully accessible venue. All adults are welcome, and it’s a queer friendly event.

Please bring along any photos or special items that remind you of your loved ones so you can place them on the altar. You may also want to bring a notepad and pen to record your experiences straight away.

Also, bring tissues. This ritual may well connect you with grief as well as other emotions. After the ritual it will be good for you to have a gentle evening of self-care and nourishment and/or to arrange to meet with a supportive friend to talk through your experience.

Feel free to dress up in any way you want. There is no dress code, but glitter, sparkle, broomsticks, capes, and tiaras are all welcome.

Experience includes:

Meditation, journeying, chanting, and communing. This ritual will be deep and poignant, but also be celebratory and affirming.

We will be raising a magickal circle together – acknowledging the presence of all life around us (earth, water, fire, air, the sky above, and the ground beneath us) with words and actions.

We will meditate and then chant some words about the ancestors together. This helps us to move into a deeper and more open level of consciousness.

Next, we will sit together in a circle and invite our ancestors to join us by calling their names into the circle. Ancestors are individuals who we have known in the past, people who have inspired us, and even pets who we miss and wish to remember. This is not about inviting ‘ghosts’ or ‘spirits’ into the space (no need to worry about that). It is simply about creating an opportunity in your mind to say the things you wish you’d said, to ask them questions, or to simply share love with them.

We will follow a guided visual journey in our minds to connect with them.

Afterwards will have some time to reflect on, and share, our experiences together.

This is a beautiful ritual to remember our loved ones, to connect, to grieve, and to celebrate love, as a community.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Tickets are available via this link:

Please contact me if you need a concessionary ticket.

Transformational Journeys
Movement Psychotherapy 11-week group

woman dancing in flames and smoke* What we don’t know in words, we can experience in the moving body.*

Fridays in November, December and January 7-9pm

Starting on the 9th November

Anahata Health Clinic Brighton

In this group you will enter deep states of expanded consciousness. It will be a fusion of mystical practice, ritual, altered states of consciousness, intuitive movement meditation, and movement and verbal group dynamic-psychotherapy.

This process aims to accelerate integration of your whole self and to encourage you to make steps towards acknowledging and loving yourself and others without judgement.

In this process, you will enter 11 different aspects of consciousness using the following Sacred Blueprint Processes.

  • Embodiment – Using a starting point of a specific Trance Posture.
  • Envisioning – Conscious dreaming within a particular landscape
  • Incantation – The repetition of certain words.

Sometimes the experiences are directed by the conscious mind, sometimes they appear spontaneously.

Using your experience as your guide and teacher you will enter each one of the 11 aspects and discover your personal wisdom as it spontaneously emerges from the process.

Please contact me if you would like to be a participant of this group or if you have any questions.

About the Group

All adult bodies welcome – all abilities, all energy levels, all genders, all shapes and sizes, are welcome. No special skills or dance/movement techniques are required. You are welcome to take part in any way that works for your body/abilities.

Structure of a Typical Session

• 20 – minutes – Verbal check-in
• 10 minutes – Physical warm up – to prepare for movement and reconnect with the body
• 1 hour – Intuitive movement meditation process – opening to visions and explorations
• 30 minutes – Group reflection – to process, share, and integrate the experience

It will be a closed group of 14 people (max) in which you will have the opportunity to develop a deep trust – enabling intense transformational journeys in order to explore and heal both personal and group issues.

The sessions will be two hours long and it is not a drop-in, but rather a committed course.

The whole course fee paid in advance is £240 (£200 conc.)

If you would like to pay weekly it will be £24 per session (£20 conc.).

Be aware that, even if you are paying weekly, by joining you will be agreeing to pay for the whole course, even if you miss a session.

Due to the nature of this work it is essential that you commit to every session (health and unforeseen circumstances permitted), it is not a drop-in.

Every participant will have met me previously and they will have also completed an agreement form.

You will also be expected to agree to strict confidentiality code.

Further information:

Friday evenings 7-9pm.

Each week will be themed on one of the 11 aspects of consciousness of the Sacred Blueprint –

• 9th November Form – the body and environment
• 16th November Creation – the imagination and dream world
• 23rd November Order – learning and organisation
• 30th November Chaos – exploration and play
• 7th December Life-Force – empowerment of self
• 14th December Boundaries – knowing limits
• 21st December Surrender – trust in safety

One week break for holidays

• 4th January Revelation – secrets and shadows
• 11th January Contraction – the inner silence
• 18th January Expansion – the outer vibration
• 25th January Source – connection with ALL

What is Movement psychotherapy?

It is a psycho-dynamic therapeutic process based on the principle that movement reflects an individual’s pattern of thoughts, feelings, and their inner world. It is the use of expressive movement and dance as a medium through which the individual can engage creatively in a process of personal integration and growth.

How do I work?

• Dance Movement Therapy is based on the assumption that mind and body are not separate but are parts of one intrinsic intimate whole.

• The body and movement are used as vehicles for expression and communication in a preverbal and symbolic manner.

• An ongoing group creates a holding environment, in which feelings can be safely expressed, acknowledged and communicated.

• As a therapist, I work to support and encourage exploration of the movement patterns, and the emotional and verbal experiences, of the participants.

• A psycho dynamic group serves to involve the participants in a creative relationship building experience through which I work to foster freedom of expression and to stimulate communication.

• I myself am actively involved in the session, I move with the group – mirroring and sharing movements.

• While moving with the group I may reflect on the process verbally, commenting on feelings and issues that may be emerging.

• This mirroring also supports participants on a non-verbal level – allowing them to see themselves through me.

• By extending or exaggerating participants’ movements I encourage them to go deeper into their process.