Open the Mind’s Eye

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The pineal gland

is a single gland in the centre of the brain. It is shaped like a pine-cone, hence its name. It has been known as ‘the seat of consciousness’ and the ‘mind’s eye’. The pineal gland has always been understood by mystics to be the access point to the divine. If you look carefully you will see pine-cones all over religious symbolism. The pineal gland, when stimulated, is thought to activate the release of (among other things) a naturally occurring chemical compound known as DMT or Dimethyltryptamine. It has been suggested that its release is also activated during intense trauma and near-death experiences, as people often report visions and/or out-of-body occurrences during these times.

This compound is found everywhere in nature, including within plants and animals, scientist have yet to make sense of why it is so widespread. When harvested or manufactured it can be used as a psychedelic drug. Indigenous shamans have been aware of this for thousands of years, and they use plants containing it to make brews such as ayahuasca for their rituals and journeys. When people ingest it they commonly report experiences of ‘suddenly understanding the nature of reality and the universe’ and ‘a sense of timeless Oneness’. However they can also report ‘overwhelming fear’, and some find it difficult to reintegrate their intense experiences.

When the pineal gland is stimulated by focused visualisation, and a ritually-induced shift to the theta state, DMT and other chemicals are released and all the experiences above can be entered into in a calm and balanced state of mind. Fear is unnecessary, the experiences can last for as long as you need, and the learning that is achieved will remain with you for the rest of your life. There is no need for trauma, or indeed psychedelics, in order to awaken your mind to these amazing adventures. When the ‘mind’s eye’ is opened through ritual, visualisation, or meditation we have access to, and can interact with, a universe that is far beyond the physical reality.

The 11 journeys on the Sacred Blueprint will help you develop and hone this skill, until eventually your experiences will become absolutely vivid as you explore the Portals.

10150551_688790754581945_5739019022526816506_nI look forward to sharing your journey.