Therapy Sessions

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Psychotherapy Sessions – A Fusion of Mystical Practice, Bodywork, and Psychotherapy


My work is informed by dynamic psychotherapy, meditation, the healing modalities of mysticism, and the latest research in trauma, neuro-biology, and mind-body connection,

Over 20 years in private practice – including group, individual, adult, child and family psychotherapy –  my methods have proved to be unique, successful, and a vibrant method of healing. The sessions are mainly focused on talking, visualising, body awareness, authentic movement, and some healing touch. My unique techniques help people to move quickly from pain and trauma into health, growth and empowerment.

I can help with many things including – anxiety, post traumatic stress, CPTSD, managing trigger responses, recovering from painful childhood experiences, realigning unhelpful thinking, healing from body trauma (including pregnancy/giving birth), exploring relationships, sexuality, and gender.

I welcome all abilities, body types, ethnicities, sexualities, kinks, and genders. I welcome sex-workers and others who are marginalised by a patriarchal culture.

I specialise in joining the dots between past experiences and current responses, understanding and healing repeating physical or emotional patterns of behavior, and also in working with trauma, CPTSD, sexual issues, and the ‘unusual’.

I am particularly unique in my open-mindedness – not everything is an issue to be healed or changed, sometimes self-acceptance is all that is needed. Bring your whole true self, all of you is welcome.

Sessions can be held in person or via Skype.

Trainings and Qualifications:

  • I qualified as a psychotherapist in 1997 when I completed my MA in movement/body based psychotherapy
  • Certified to practice Rewind Technique with Dr David Muss – 2014
  • Urban Tantra Professional Training Program with Barbara Carrellas – 2012
  • Sexual Practitioner Training with Rebecca Lowrie – 2012
  • 20 plus years teaching and studying magick and mysticism

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Energy Healing

healing, energy, power, hands, A beautiful, uplifting, and energising 1-1 healing session which can work on many levels – from the physical to the spiritual – and it is often accompanied by visions, spontaneous astral journeys, and amazing expansions.

An energy healing session enables the receiver to enter a deep state of consciousness. I begin each session with a consultation so I can find out exactly what needs are most prominent in the current experience – this way, I can more precisely direct the process. Then, during the session, as I move my hands over and on the body, the receiver experiences electrical impulses and/or waves of energy moving through them and every cell from head to toe becomes ignited.

The experience helps to release emotional and physical blocks and it is particularly helpful in awakening or reconnecting sexual energy.

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Tarot Reading

As both a psychotherapist and a tarot reader for over 20 years, I have a unique method of working with the cards. My readings probe very deeply into your unconscious landscape – be prepared to be both challenged and guided in ways you maybe haven’t before.

I use cards that I have developed myself – based on my digging to the source of the tarot deck as a personal and spiritual growth tool. I connect with my intuition and my knowledge of the cards as a mirror to the unconscious rather than for fortune telling/seeing into the future. If you have a particular question or dilemma, a card reading can help you see what led to this issue, what is blocking you, and what are the options for moving beyond it.

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“I recently underwent a series of therapeutic treatment sessions with Lilith in her beautiful and tranquil space and feel extremely lucky to have discovered both her, and her unique therapeutic approach. She truly is an authentic master of her art, combining her deep compassion with a thorough knowledge of psychology and a broad understanding of metaphysical energies. Her energy is a delight and as such she has the ability to put you at ease even in the most challenging psychological situations. I highly recommend Lilith as a therapist to anyone who is even vaguely considering treatment of some kind. You will not be disappointed, you will be amazed!”

“I wish to thank you greatly for the amazing work you have done with me. I feel it was beautifully specific, spot on every time, hugely intuitive and yet your extensive training in psychology was reassuring to my more logical intellect. I always felt in a safe space, in control and empowered each weekly session of my entire year with you as my therapist. This was truly a unique experience. In my extensive experience of both main stream psychology and psychiatry and several holistic approaches of psychotherapy.You reminded me of the tools I had and you gave me new ones, sourcing from the great wisdoms of the ancient knowledges, my connection to the universe and nature, and your in-depth understanding of how the psyche works.”

“After having struggled for the last 13 years through the depths of post traumatic stress, grief, and the miraculous recovery of my son from major injuries, I can truly say I feel with my head above the water, happy and purposeful in life and more importantly well equipped and no longer fearful in dealing with what ever life has to give me.I know that I did the hard work but you helped to guide me through it and for this I am ever grateful. I did come to you specifically for help in healing trauma and separation issues from an abusive relationship which I am happy to say I feel truly able to release and able to reclaim my whole self back from. Not only do I feel able to move on and to engage in another relationship healthily, but the healing gone on to much greater depths.”

“I felt involuntary spasms moving through my body, building slowly – by the end it really was a full body energetic release….Lilith is gentle and un-intrusive throughout. I felt very safe to let go of any tensions I was holding and felt very relaxed after the session.”

“This was moment in my life that I can describe as sheer bliss. The deep breathing that Lilith encouraged me to do throughout the session helped me to relax, focus, and take it all in. Above all, it helped me to feel connected. My advice, go in with an open mind and with no fixed expectations. This made for a truly amazing experience, both physically and spiritually. It is something that has stayed with me for a very long time.”