The Sacred Blueprint App

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Adventures in Consciousness

A whole Universe in your Pocket for £3.99 per month.

The App includes over 30 hours of beautiful music and audio instruction to guide you in a process that will last you a lifetime.

Using practices that enable altered states of consciousness – Envisioning, Embodiment, and Enchantment – this beautifully presented app will guide you to explore different aspects of your own psyche and the collective consciousness.

Access to a community facebook page so you can share your experiences with other adventurers.

The Sacred Blueprint is Tree of Knowledge wisdom that has been re-visioned, re-worked, and re-presented in its original perfect form – free from any religion and dogma.

Please note: Once you download the free app, you will be asked to subscribe to the £3.99 monthly payments.





It is a map – each point on your journey will guide you to personal inspiration and profound revelation.

It is a reverent practice dedicated to revealing your original perfect state as a reflection of the Qualities of nature and the universe.

It includes meditations and explorations that guide you on journeys through your inner landscapes, the outer cosmos, and the collective consciousness.

The Sacred Blueprint celebrates YOU exactly as you are.

There’s nothing to change – there are no rules or dogma.

There’s nothing to believe in – no gods, no priests, or shamans.

The inner wisdom you discover will be your sacred text.

Your own experience will be your guru.

It is a programme for self-realisation.

This process doesn’t pretend to be a quick fix, it offers much more than instant ‘spiritual’ gratification, or an experience induced ‘high’. The regular practice offers permanent, deeply inspiring self-expansion.

There are no rights or wrongs, no have-tos, nothing to worship, no one to follow – there is simply experience of yourself and the universe, and the shared experiences of other students.

Join a community of consciousness explorers via the App and discover a world of self discovery, esoteric knowledge, and out of this world experiences.

“It is very hard to put into words all the wonderful things that this work is doing for me. Opening doors I did not even realise were there – journeying to the furthest reaches of myself. It is kind of like all the separate little things I have been trying to advance without much success have started whizzing along, plus I am finding masses of puzzles about myself falling into place… all of it happening now cannot be a coincidence… all those dips into the subconscious are bearing wonderful fruit!”

As you step into this practice and enter the deepest and darkest mysteries, your own experience is the guru and your own journal the sacred text.

You will enter amazing experiences which enable the realignment of everything that you are – from the physical, sensual, mind-body to the magical, shape-shifting, light-being capable of performing ‘miracles’.

Discover new and ancient worlds within your psychological, emotional, and spiritual experience.

Explore and heal deep and hidden areas of your own psyche and the collective consciousness.

Gain personal empowerment, deep knowledge, and self love.

Each process will take 12 weeks, but you can then repeat the practice for a lifetime. Each new practice will bring you greater insight.

I encourage you to do this with friends – maybe set up a weekly gathering where you can practice together and share experiences.

However you practice, do join the Facebook group here to keep up to date with events, to share your experiences and journeys, or to ask questions and start discussions.