Visionary Consciousness

“This work is a powerful experiential journey of change. I have developed a much deeper sense of self understanding which has freed me to live life with more joy, connection and confidence. A magical place! The practice each week connects me to another piece of my inner wisdom, reminding me of who I am and reawakening my power.”

From the inner being to the outer cosmos – you may have experiences from different perspectives

magick, qabalah, kabalah, sacred blueprint, personal exploration, enlightenmentThe Psychological Level

Here you will explore your personal unconscious and you will have access to all areas of your psyche. This will help you to make sense of your patterns, memories and belief systems, and to understand and transform fears, traumas and psychological blocks to growth and happiness.

Here you can also learn more about your physical, cellular and energetic body – this will expand and develop your previously forgotten abilities such as energetic healing, telepathy, pre-cognition and other extra-sensory perceptions. This is the place to start – spending time at this level clears the way for deeper discoveries.

astral, mythical, magick, qabalah, tree of life,The Astral Level

Here you will explore the collective consciousness. This allows you to learn through the shared experience of all beings. Here you may have conversations and learnings with mythical creatures, elders, guides, angels, plants, rocks, and light beings. You can shapeshift and share the consciousness of other animals. You may even discover past, future, or parallel lives.

Here you will find expanded personal wisdom, discover the answers to any question, and solve any problem that can’t be understood via your individual personal experience.

cosmic consciousnessThe Cosmic Level

Here you will explore universal consciousness. This allows you to learn through experiences of travel through the furthest reaches of space and time. You may connect with beings from other galaxies. You may move freely into the ‘past’ and the ‘future’. You may connect with the time in-between times. This leads to an understanding of yourself as a part of the great whole.

Here you may recognise your significance in the great mystery, you may become aware of the workings of the universe, and you may discover what it really means to come into alignment. Here you may find healing experience of pure love, oceanic oneness, and deep connection to the great All.

energetic levelThe Energetic Level

Here you have the opportunity to explore the universal experience as pure vibration.

This allows you to make sense of the the process of creation – from first spark to eventual form.

At this level there is no ‘thing’ and you are able to recognise the flow of the universe that you are.

When you begin this work you may notice the non-physical reality more and more, for example the auras or electromagnetic energy that surrounding people and things. You will also experience more synchronicity, telepathy, and pre-cognition – i.e. an intuitive ‘knowing’ about things, people, and events.

This is just a normal awakening of your brain’s full potential brought on by the work you are doing. These abilities have always been a part of you but you perhaps haven’t noticed them before. However this isn’t the goal, this is just a (positive) side effect of opening up the psyche. You are simply reawakening the skills that human animals have become separate from.

Woman eyes in cosmic background. Eye contact

How could things change if, instead of material wealth, consciousness becomes our highest value?

  • You may experience deep transformation and healing as you explore your inner worlds and the collective consciousness.
  • If you are working as a group, you will discover deeper connections in your friendships and in your shared consciousness.
  • You may develop a strong sense of self and feel more empowered in your life.
  • The ups and downs of life may begin to make more sense and be easier to manage.
  • You may become more tolerant, compassionate, understanding, and altruistic.
  • Your priorities may change from a material to a non-physical focus.
  • You may find that you no longer judge yourself or others.
  • You may become more childlike and playful.
  • You may feel a deeper connection to nature.
  • You may lose your fear of death and, as a result, experience a more profound joy of life.
  • You may discover a life purpose that you feel passionate about and begin to live it.

So much to experience, so much to explore!

You don’t have to believe that your experiences are true, any experience in an altered state – real or imagined – will have a powerful effect on your psyche.

Time Travel

To early civilisations, pre-history, time before time, time between time, the future.

Giving you access to information or experience from remembered other lives, parallel lives, or the memories within the collective consciousness.


Into other beings – entering the body of an animal, or your body changing into an animal.

This gives you access to animal ‘medicine’ or wisdom. The animal could speak to you, or you could simply understand by living through this embodiment experience.

Meeting Guides

Animals, alchemists, scientists, mythical beings, angels, protectors, benevolent ones, elders, light beings, aliens, demons, divine beings, archetypes.

These can be both representations of aspects of the self and of the collective consciousness, they will all bring amazing insights.

Interplanetary, Inter-Universal Travel

See you on the other side!