Altered States of Consciousness

Using the EEG (Electroencephalography) machine, invented by the neurologist Hans Berger, different brain states have been measured by recording the fluctuating speeds of the pulses of electrical activity on the scalp. He identified what he called ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ waves (‘theta’ and ‘delta’ waves have also since been identified). What neuroscientists have collectively noticed with… Continue Reading Altered States of Consciousness

Open the Mind’s Eye

The pineal gland is a single gland in the centre of the brain. It is shaped like a pine-cone, hence its name. It has been known as ‘the seat of consciousness’ and the ‘mind’s eye’. The pineal gland has always been understood by mystics to be the access point to the divine. If you look… Continue Reading Open the Mind’s Eye

Close Encounters

When I saw this film (aged 8) it felt very familiar. Although I remember thinking that the ‘aliens’ didn’t look quite right. I remember feeling envious of the main character Rob, who was chosen to travel in the mother-ship. I wanted it to be me. I know there are many more people out there who… Continue Reading Close Encounters