Ritual for the Winter Solstice

Awakening to Seasonal Shifts Here’s a lovely ritual to warm you on the inside, when it’s cold and dark outside. But first, some background information – it’s important to remember the origins and to have a deep understanding of these ancient rituals before you start. In the year that it takes for our Earth to… Continue Reading Ritual for the Winter Solstice

You are Perfect Exactly as you Are

Mystical practice, begins with the premise that you are already perfect. You are a reflection of the infinite vibration of All, and you are therefore Divine. But monotheist world religions, say the opposite. Their words for ‘God’ do not describe you, they describe a male, one-and-only, all knowing, all powerful, supreme father creator of the… Continue Reading You are Perfect Exactly as you Are

Lilith the Archetype

Lilith emerges with an apple from the sacred Tree in the Garden of Eden. She is the sensual snake – the life-force rising up your spine from your sex to your crown. She is the mystic who revels in love, play, and creative spiritual potential. Offering you a force for transformation, she sees and befriends… Continue Reading Lilith the Archetype

The Tree of Life Cover Up

Although you may not attend church services, align yourself with a particular religion, or read their publications, the stories, myths, rules, and fears propagated by religious organisations still have a powerful influence over people. Cultures dominated by monotheist religion and its myths have worked to maintain a particular power structure, which disempowers the majority of… Continue Reading The Tree of Life Cover Up

The Original Garden of Eden

Lilith Rising – A New Story There was once a beautiful garden. It was filled with abundant and limitlessly creative life, colourful exotic plants, and wild animals. The great All was reflected everywhere – in the deep green of the leaves, in the intoxicating perfume of the huge vibrant flowers, and in the radiant rainbow… Continue Reading The Original Garden of Eden

Altered States of Consciousness

Using the EEG (Electroencephalography) machine, invented by the neurologist Hans Berger, different brain states have been measured by recording the fluctuating speeds of the pulses of electrical activity on the scalp. He identified what he called ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ waves (‘theta’ and ‘delta’ waves have also since been identified). What neuroscientists have collectively noticed with… Continue Reading Altered States of Consciousness

Open the Mind’s Eye

The pineal gland is a single gland in the centre of the brain. It is shaped like a pine-cone, hence its name. It has been known as ‘the seat of consciousness’ and the ‘mind’s eye’. The pineal gland has always been understood by mystics to be the access point to the divine. If you look… Continue Reading Open the Mind’s Eye

Close Encounters

When I saw this film (aged 8) it felt very familiar. Although I remember thinking that the ‘aliens’ didn’t look quite right. I remember feeling envious of the main character Rob, who was chosen to travel in the mother-ship. I wanted it to be me. I know there are many more people out there who… Continue Reading Close Encounters